Drago’s Den Presentation

The most vital element for a start-up to succeed are the early stage investments, therefore, we decided as a team to participate in all the little to big competition such as Bright Ideas, Mayors Entrepreneur Competition and others to bring any sort of amount into Eatome and slowly invest in building an app for Eatome. […]

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Build, Measure and Learn

We have been flowing close on the Built-Measure-Learn loop model by Eric as shown above, where customer feedback has been extremely essential for us to learn and develop on our interactive porotype app. In result, we move a step close to the data required for a fully functional app that we are planning to develop […]

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The Design thinking for start-up module has allowed me to gain a lot of practical knowledge throughout the course. I believe that one of the most vital skill I have gained from this course is empathise, the word in itself means sheer focus on something you want to achieve. ┬áThe Eatome team has focused on […]

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Trade Fair

The Eatome team attended a trade fair show at Kingston university business school on 25th January. The Eatome interactive prototype app was ready to be displayed and It was very important for team to present the product at trade show. It was the biggest opportunity for Eatome to create its awareness among the student of […]

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Eatome Progress

The Eatome app work continued over the winter breaks. Eatome team has been working on the app development with a student Hassan Waqar from Kingston university, he is currently completing his undergraduate degree in computer sciences. We had several meetings with Hassan, before he agreed to help us for 6 months in exchange of 2.3% […]

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Eatome, is now ready to seek investment opportunities, therefore, the main aim of the team is to hire a permanent professional developer as a part of the team. As Eatome does not have now enough capital to pay for the salary, the equity percentage will be given to the developer. Eatome team mutually decided that […]

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